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water level indicator:

Sri Aqua System Offers a extremely sophisticated may be a value effective system and is good for all pockets with full reliability. this technique alerts you with a pleasing musical sound on the filling of the tank so that you'll yourself switch off the motor.

We are actively engaged in presenting Single phase Water Level Controller. Our offered water level controllers are acclaimed within the electrical industry & different related places. These water level controllers are created at our processing unit in compliance with previously defined quality norms.

Together with that, our offered water level controllers are given with customised choices for achieving the client’s full satisfaction & provided at very reasonable rates.

Water Level Controller Dealers In Coimbatore
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High water alarm :

With the exception of one or two operative standards, the risks from a water level too high are treated terribly gently, if not unheeded altogether. The dangers of an too high water level in a very steam boiler include:

• increased carryover of water into the steam can result in poor operation and/or malfunction of the steam system components, because of dirt.

• Wet and dirty steam will contaminate or spoil the product wherever it's used directly. Wet steam will increase the water film thickness of the heat transfer surface, lower process temperatures, maybe interfering with correct sterilization of food products or processing of pharmaceuticals, and causing wastage. At best, lower method and production efficiency will increase process time and unit costs.

• Overfilling the boiler will cause water hammer within the steam system, risking damage to plant and even injury to personnel.

Water Level Controller

Water level indicator:

The action of the Water level indicator under Coimbatore regulations is as follows:

• first Water level indicator - contains number of signals, Each signal has own functionality.

• signal 1 - used for manual functioning of on and off in the motor.

• signal 2 - If u select signal 2 motor will on when the water level is low and shutdown water tank is full. All processes are fully automaic in signal 2

water level indicator process:

This Water level controllers Indicator is extremely counseled for metro cities wherever water is provided through pipelines that are more distributed in homes, hotels, societies etc. it's the following unique feature:

  when the tank is in reserve mode or empties it automatically starts the motors if water is gift in the pipeline.

  If water is present in the line it indicates the presence on the unit.

  It indicates water levels reaching in the tank, that is useful if there ar open faucets, blockage, leakage or harm in the pipeline connected to the higher head, ground or the required tank.

  Its green coloured a pair of level indications (half tank & fuel tank) of water within the tank moreover as 2 level indications (foot valve level & half tank) of sump tank.

  On motor image green coloured indication for motor ON & red coloured indication for a dry run of the motor.

  Has rocker switch to pick out Auto/manual operation.

  Has soft touch ‘NEED’ button to switch ON the motor irrespective of any level within the overhead tank

Water level available model:

  Model 1: water overhead tank alarm.

  Model 2: overhead tank until sump low level alarm.

  Model3: semi cut off with sump dry run.

  Model4: fully automatic water level controller.

  Model 5: fully automatic with bore dry run, current sensing.

  Model 6: semi controller 1 to 6 overhead tank cut off only.

  Model 7: water level indicator




Water Level Controller

At large our systems not only help you but your neighbors and society additionally as it reduces the wastage of water by cutting down from now on overflow than what you wish.