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Sri Aqua System Offers a extremely sophisticated may be a value effective system and is good for all pockets with full reliability.
These water level controllers are created at our processing unit in compliance with previously defined quality norms.
We offered water level controllers are given with customised choices for achieving the client’s satisfaction & reasonable rates.
Water Level Controller In Coimbatore


Automatic water level controller is of a lot of used in metro cities, bungalows, industries, hospitals and in luxurious residences and houses. Use of this product saves water, saves electricity and saves time.

Water Level Controller In Coimbatore

How It Works

Automatic water level controllers switch the motor on whenever the water level drops below a certain level and shuts the motor off when the water rises well above a fixed level.

Water Level Controller In Coimbatore

Complete Solution

Sri Aqua System Automatic water pump Controller saves water and energy. it is a home automation product that maintains the water level and ensures the continuous water flow round the clock.


Sri Aqua System

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Water Level Controller

Low Maintenance

Automatic Water Level Controller ULDX-01 will be used for a protracted time, no maintenance or repairing would be needed during its operational period.
Water Level Controller

Water level Alarm.

When the water is stored in the tank, nobody will identify the level of water and also, nobody will know when the water tank can fill. hence there is an overflow of water in the tank, thus there is a wastage of energy and water. To resolve this type of problems by using the water level alarm.
Water Level Controller

Rocker Bypass Switch

The rocker switch then will play a role as an on-off switch in the circuit so it will activate or turn off different devices during a circuit or the entire circuit itself. Rocker switches are common components in many alternative types of electronic circuits that allow power to be turned on or off.

Working Principle

Basically, the unit is made of various sensors acting as a switch. Let me explain in a very simple way. What happens is once you activate your pump, the water starts to get wired from your underground reservoir or from your underground water supply from the pipes to your tank.

Within the tank, there's a collection of sensors( to be precise there are 7 sensors), within the water tank. simply suppose them as a switch, because the work of the detector will be to attach a circuit. so the water starts to get stuffed in the tank and once the water level within the tank starts to rise up, what happens is that the sensors that are put in within the tank begin to get activated one by one indicating the water level within the tank.

And at last once it reaches to its high most detector, there'll be a visible show also as a sound from the unit indicating that the water has stuffed within the tank and one is alerted that the tank has been filled up and the pump has to be switched off saving the electricity bill also as over flow of water from the tank.